Why should you choose The Slate over other hotels in Phuket? Let us share the top 5 reasons our guests keep coming back: 1. Luxury Suites and Villas - A masterpiece designed by Bill Bensley himself, The Slate combines metalic industrial with traditional Thai décor and cutting edge art set against a lush and opulent tropical paradise.... 2. Activities for Couples and Families - The villas and suites offer ample space for the whole family with an activities-packed kids’ club and a dedicated family pool. Family-friendly activities include junior cooking classes, a little sommelier programme that encourages junior guests to enhance their tastebuds and an exploratory night safari seeking frogs and fishes along the way. 3. Renowned Restaurants with Stunning Dishes - With 8 restaurants and bars available, you can stay on the property for three nights without having to dine at the same restaurant. Diners can experience a mouth-watering journey through Thailand’s culinary staples reinvented, fusioned Japanese cuisine and so much more. 4. Rejuvenating Spa Experiences - Delve into spa programmes set against a luscious rainforest and tropical garden. Our nest-shaped Coqoon Spa is home to a series of relaxing and revitalising experiences. Go through a bespoke spa program that incorporates traditional Thai healing and holistic wellness. 5. It's Five Minutes Away from the Airport - Just a short drive away from Phuket International Airport, you'll find The Slate situated across the beautiful shores of Nai Yang Beach. Don't believe all of this is true? Come visit The Slate for yourself to find out: bit.ly/2FhD8Jx 展开