The onset of the rains flushes new life into Yala, and we continue our theme of young additions to the park on this edition of the #weekinpictures 📷 1) A queen of the jungle surveys her kingdom. Yala’s leopards are substantially larger than those of other populations throughout the world, with females often being mistaken for males by many visitors. 🐆 2) The first of our future giants of Yala, this young elephant is learning her way around her home, Mom is always by her side... for now, but the little lady will one day weigh over 3 tons! 🐘 3) The second of our future giants of Yala, this Mugger Crocodile hatchling is always on the prowl for food. They are born no bigger than the size of your hand, but this killer will one day measure over 4 metres and weigh more than 600kg 🐊 4) Another of our future giants, this young leopard is venturing away from home for the first time. Life is dangerous for a newly independent leopard, with less than half making it through their first year of adulthood. 🐆 5) A White-Throated Kingfisher perches on a branch, making for a spectacular photo. Most Kingfishers don’t actually catch fish, with the White-Throated Kingfisher specializing in frogs, lizards, insects, and even occasionally snakes! 🐍 6) Sometimes you’re just a few minutes late to spot a leopard. This female had just crossed the road a few moments earlier, with the previous jeep just being a minute too early. Both the leopard and jeep tracks are extremely fresh. 🐆 7) This Barn swallow did not appreciate being photographed. While beautiful in flight, they resemble a feathery frog when perching on a branch. These migrants have travelled thousands of kilometres for the winter migrations. 🐦 #wildcoastlodge #yalanationalpark #srilankatrip #wildlife #naturelover #leopard #animalkingdom #sosrilanka #adventure @ Wild Coast Tented Lodge, Yala 展开

Looking back at an EXTRA SPECIAL week with one of the rarest stars of the jungle, as well as whole new meaning to "wilderness dining!" Here are some of the highlights: 1) The Ceylon Woodshrike is one of Sri Lanka’s many endemic bird species. This little guy is a highly aggressive predator, hunting insects, lizards, and even small rodents occasionally. 🇱🇰 2) Love is in the air for these Crimson Rose butterflies. Their bright colours advertise their foul taste to birds and predators. A trip to Yala is well worth it for a butterfly, dragonfly or birding safari! 🌹 3) This unlucky Monitor lizard met its end by a Crested Hawk-Eagle. The Crested Hawk-Eagle is the smallest of Sri Lanka’s eagle species. However, what it lacks in size, it makes up in ferocity. 🦎 4) An incredible find! Pangolins are critically endangered and one of the most poached animals in the world. Spotting one of these was worth a hundred leopard sightings. 🙀 5) This stunning lady was spotted working her way through the rocky outcrops of Yala. We later found out that she had been courted by another male passing through her area. Hopefully, we can expect cubs soon! 🐆 6) While very common, ruddy mongooses rarely present themselves so perfectly for a photograph. This lady was spotted with a pup following her. 7) This Crested Hawk-Eagle wasn’t afraid to take advantage of a free meal. The spotted dear appeared to have died of natural causes, but she won’t go to waste. Leopards, jackals, and numerous birds will make short work of her. #theweekinpictures #wildcoastlodge #yalanationalpark #love #instagood #wildlife #naturelover #natgeo @ Wild Coast Tented Lodge, Yala 展开